About Us

We are team that empowered, diverse and inclusive with over 15 years of experience in Food & Beverages and other sectors in the Greater Toronto Area.

We understand that serving a company’s manufacturing plant in food & beverages sector is HUGE responsibility which we take very seriously. It takes teamwork, solid commitment, good communication, excellence, and industry best practices to provide phenomenal service.

Our Process

Once All the data is gathered we try to find the best match for right placement.
We start with maintaining an updated list of both employers and employees to be served in our business model.
Before placement, we carefully examine job seekers references, qualification and their eligibility to work to provide the most accurate employees.
Once, a placement is made we repeat our process of updating our list and finding the right candidate for right role.

What We Do

We carefully vet job seekers for checking their references, eligibility to work and site qualification before placements.

We thrive on building long lasting relationships with our employees and employers through an excellence in customer service.

Why Choose Us

Our mission to do everything possible to expand human potential. In order to do so, we:

Create groundbreaking recruiting innovations.


Make customer service our number one priority for both clients and employees.


Build a creative and diverse global team by making a positive impact in the communities we live and work.

"I have gained confidence and belief over the last years that Staffing Group of Companies consistently operate to the highest standards within the recruitment sector." June 2015

– lines by one of the employer

Our client hire us, and then stay with us.

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